Akron archaeology students look for clues to our past

7:11 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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For tens of thousands of years, people have called Northeast Ohio home. 

It was a crossroads on the ancient landscape, and those who lived here back then left us clues about their lives.

Next to the butterflies and the behind the goldenrod in this Hudson meadow, archaeology students from the University of Akron are unearthing history. 

Professor Linda Whitman and her field study class surveyed a new Summit County Metropark.

There are four dig sites in the meadow. 

Two have yielded clues to the areas prehistoric past.The dig is a slow process and all the dirt needs to be sifted.

Eric Olson found a cobble of chert, or flint, in this excavation.

Chert flakes were used to make all sorts of tools, including arrowheads. 

That excitement and the knowledge that comes with studying the artifacts links us to our historic and prehistoric past.


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