Orrville: School district has 'gun-toting' teacher

9:02 AM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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ORRVILLE -- A Northeast Ohio school district makes the controversial decision to allow a teacher to carry a gun during class time....but this is not just any teacher.

In a unanimous vote last Thursday, the Orrville School Board agreed to allow high school science teacher Bill Yerman to carry a concealed weapon to class.

Yerman has been with the district 10 years. He is not only a teacher, but a Lawrence Township police officer by night.

"The hard part is coming to grips with the idea that there are kids bringing guns in schools. When we were kids, this would never have happened," School Board President Greg Roadruck said.

After the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school, a number of educators here, who have conceal carry licenses, volunteered to bring their guns to school for security.

Because of of Yerman's peace officer training and experience, he was the logical choice.

While other districts debate whether to fight gun violence with guns, many parents and students join the school board in saying that this level of security is neccesary.

"If an officer has a gun, I'm all right with it," sophomore Shane Henson said.

"As far as putting it in someone's trustworthy hands, that would be safer then just having something in the classroom," said senior Trevor Kerr.

Yerman turned down an interview.

When he'll start bringing his gun to school is not known.

The board president says carrying the weapon concealed makes the most sense. It's better that an intruder not know who is carrying a gun, much like air marshals on planes.


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