Police shoot pet deer

2:24 PM, Jun 12, 2007   |    comments
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The deer was shot and killed by police after one local resident called and complained that the animal was a threat to her children. On Monday a wildlife group was calling for an investigation into what happened. Some neighbors said the deer was like a pet, and had named it Koko. "She was extremely special," Larry Van Dyke said. "She loved to have you rub her around her eyes." Koko had posed for pictures and befriended neighborhood children, Van Dyke added. The deer made such an impact on him, he gave up his life-long hobby of deer hunting. "After seeing her beautiful big brown eyes, I couldn't go out and shoot another deer," he said. Last month a resident called police saying Koko attacked her dog and pushed her daughter. Neighbor Genie Barth watched from her yard as officers got there to check things out. "I thought, 'Surely they aren't going to shoot this deer. She has two bandanas on, a collar,' and I look up. The next thing I knew, they fired." Koko was pregnant when she died. Many believe she was in labor at the time and should not have been shot. "She was a real asset to the neighborhood," Barth said. Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation released a statement about the shooting Monday saying: "This situation was handled so poorly, it boggles the mind and outrages the senses." The organization was calling re-vamped ordinances to prevent similar things from happening in the future.


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