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Waitress returns wad of cash man left on table

9:54 PM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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You find a wad of cash sitting on the table. Do you pocket it or track down the owner?

A waitress in Virginia was faced with that question.

"I got to the car, and she comes running out waving, and she said 'You tipped me, but you left a wad of money under the napkin, and I wanted to give it to you,' " Andre Whitehead said.

He'd left more than $100 in cash on the table where he'd just had breakfast. 

He took it out to pay his bill and forgot about it.

"She could've kept it, but she brought it out to me," he said.

"When I noticed it cleaning, I said oh, that's the money he pulled out of his wallet," said waitress Janice Carnes. "I said 'Oh, sir, you left this on the table.' I said 'I know it's not my tip -- (it) was separate, this is yours you took out of your wallet.' "

"And she could've easily kept the money, and I would've just said 'Hey, I lost some cash,' but I just thought that was a great thing for her to do," Whitehead said.

Carnes, a mother of two, says she could have used the cash.

"I just don't believe in taking something that's not yours," she said. "I believe it karma, so it's what goes around comes around."

In addition to a $20 tip, Whitehead gave Carnes $30 in gift cards.

"When I come through the door, I will be asking for her," he said. "There are good people in the world, and it's cool to do good by people."


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