Guests with disabilities to be assigned times to skip lines at Disney parks

9:17 AM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
Disneyland's castle. Photo by Ryan Haidet, WKYC-TV.
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  • Disney is changing its line-skipping policy for people with disabilities after allegations surfaced the system was being abused.

    Guests with disabilities will no longer be ushered to the front of the line at Disney park attractions.

    Under the new program, which is scheduled to take effect Oct. 9 at all Disney parks, disabled visitors will be required to go to the ride and return at a designated time based on how long the line's wait time is.

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    The new "Disability Access Service Card" replaces the "Guest Assistance Card."

    The policy overhaul is similar to the "FastPass" system that's currently offered to all park guests.

    Disney executives say they want to make sure their disabled program provides a more consistent experience for all guests while providing accommodations for guests with disabilities.

    Visitors to the parks can obtain the new "Disability Access Service Card" by going to guest relations at one of the park's front gates.

    Here is an official statement on the situation from Disney:

    "We have an unwavering commitment to making our parks accessible to all guests. Given the increasing volume of requests we receive for special access to our attractions, we are changing our process to create a more consistent experience for all our guests while providing accommodations for guests with disabilities. We engaged disability groups, such as Autism Speaks, to develop this new process, which is in line with the rest of our industry."


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