Ohio now has most restrictive laws on abortion

6:44 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- The State of Ohio now has the most restrictive laws when it comes to abortion, after the new $62 billion dollar state budget signed by Governor John Kasich Sunday night. The budget cuts out funding for low-cost family planning and abortion related services.

First, Planned Parenthood will see $1.4 million cut from federal funding.

"Why would you take family planning dollars away from family planning providers?" says Celeste Ribbins, with Planned Parenthood.

Ribbins says the budget restricts public hospitals to have transfer agreements with abortion providers. That means, if a patient gets a procedure done at one of their clinics, but needs further attention that patient would have to be transferred to a private hospital.

In some parts of Ohio, there are no private hospitals. And that means clinics like Planned Parenthood would close their doors.

"If we don't have a transfer agreement, we don't have a facility," says Ribbins.

Another measure states any woman seeking an abortion would under-go a trans-abdominal ultrasound and any abortion providers would have to tell women about the anatomical and physiological characteristics of a fetus at various stages of its development.

After that, women would get information on adoptions and alternative family planning options.

Rape crisis clinics are not allowed to counsel sexual assault victims about abortions. If they do, they could lose public funding.

Critics, like Ohio Senator Nina Turner, say this move hurts women's rights.

"It's just a bunch of idealogs who have gone mad and they're inserting their ideology to come between a woman and her doctor and what could be more personal than being able to control your own body," says Turner.


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