'Ding-dong-ditch' prank turns into alleged assault

6:36 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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SHAKER HEIGHTS -- What started out as a teen prank turned into a vicious attack. Now, a Shaker Heights man could face assault charges.

"Ding-dong-ditching" is when someone runs up to a door, rings the doorbell, and then runs away.

That's what police say a group of teens was doing Sunday night, when one of the neighbors on Cheshire Street decided to fight back.

"It was very unfortunate to see because this doesn't take place here," says Pam Cox, who lives on Cheshire.

On Sunday night, she had her front door open when she heard commotion.

"I came out to the front but that's when I discovered a group of kids and that's unusual here on this street," says Cox.

Cheshire is typically quiet. But that night, police say a group of teens were running up to certain homes and ringing the doorbell.

When the teens stepped onto one particular porch to ring a man's doorbell, he was ready and waiting for them.

"I noticed a young lady going up to the porch to speak with him," says Cox, "And the next thing I seen, him just swinging some object at her and her face is just covered in blood."

Bloodstains still spatter the sidewalk.

"She was hit in the bridge of her nose and I believe it was with an air pump," says the 14-year-old girl's father.

The father -- who didn't want to be identified -- tells us she's out of the hospital but has to have surgery for her injuries on Wednesday.

"She still has swelling in her face and pain in her nose," he tells us.

The man -- who police aren't identifying until official charges are filed -- told them he was assaulted by the teens.

Shaker Heights Police handed the case over to the prosecutor. He will now decide who will face charges and which charges to file.

To the girl's father, the incident should have never gotten this far.

"Even if they did ring a doorbell, it's still no excuse to hit a young girl."


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