Cleveland: Black Widow returns fire on Winter Soldier

2:39 PM, Jun 5, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Photos: Captain America 2 transforms Shoreway
Crews installed fake bullet holes on the side of a Shoreway bridge. Photo by Ryan Haidet, WKYC-TV.

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CLEVELAND -- It was more of the same Wednesday morning as Marvel crews filmed extra gunfire sequences at the Shoreway bridge above W. 3rd Street.

The morning action started with a Black Widow double swinging from a rope in front of a green screen. They did this several times.

After a long break as crews set up for the next take, dozens of extras were gathered to practice running away scared. As this was going on, production forced all onlookers further and further from the set since they were doing wide shots and didn't want any of us in them.

Photos: 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' transforms the Shoreway

By 11 a.m., a Black Widow double was called to the set armed with two handguns. From W. 3rd Street, she aimed up at the Winter Soldier character who was perched on the bridge above, and opened fire.  In one of those takes, a car she's standing near has mini explosions along the windshield to recreate the effect of bullets hitting the vehicle.  She then races through a sea of vehicles amid the frightened extras.  This scene was repeated over and over and over again.

As for the overturned bus everybody is expecting will explode at some point, all it did was smoke. Will it ever blow up? That's still a rumor swirling around set, but there has been nothing more than that.

Chris Evans -- aka Captain America -- was not spotted on set Wednesday morning.

To prove how detailed production is, take a look through the attached photo gallery to see "bullet holes" that were placed on the outside edge of the Shoreway bridge.

Production continues on the Shoreway through June 14.


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