NE Ohio clothes made at collapsed Bangladesh factory

6:08 PM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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Nearly 400 factory workers were killed in Bangladesh after a building collapsed on top of them. The workers made cheap garments, mostly sold in bulk to stores in the U.S. and Europe.

And there's a good chance there's a piece of clothing in your closet made by one of these workers.

Angry crowds gathered around around a courthouse, screaming at the owner of the factory building that collapsed. He was arrested because before the collapse, there were noticeable cracks in the walls and parts of the building were shut down, but not the factory. The demand for garments was too high.

And the demand was coming from big box stores where Northeast Ohioans shop for inexpensive clothes.

Walmart carries clothes that are ordered from everywhere from China to Cambodia to Bangladesh. In fact, the factory in Bangladesh that supplies clothes to Walmart caught fire last November, killing over 100 workers.

At Target, there are men's dress shirts with the labels "Made in Bangladesh," as well as other third world countries.

And at JC Penny, an entire section is devoted to Joe Fresh, a brand that has factories in several countries but their clothing manufactured in Bangladesh was made at that same factory that collapsed last week.

For a petition to help Bangladeshi workers, click here to sign.


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