Bernsen developing with help from Akron

7:36 PM, Mar 8, 2013   |    comments
Photo by Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images.
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AKRON -- He's made two movies in the Rubber City, now actor/director/producer Corbin Bernsen is working to launch a new company with Akron's help., a consumer driven-pricing company, is being dubbed "The Future of Online Shopping" that will "revolutionize online shopping by putting the power back in the hands of the consumer."

Working in conjunction with the University of Akron, Bernsen has started a funding campaign on to raise $100,000. That money, according to a press release, will be used to pay for further development and launch of the beta site.

"Indiegogo is a great way to launch Powsumer," says Bernsen, founder and interim president of the company. "Powsumer will rely on broad-based internet participation to bring the best deals to consumers, much the same way Indiegogo uses the internet to crowd-source funds for many worthy causes."

Supporters of the campaign will receive, depending on contribution level, a range of perks from founder certificates and hoodies to a visit with Bernsen.

"We've created a platform where people can come together to mutually benefit each other," Bernsen explains in a video (watch it below) that's posted on the Indiegogo fundraising page. "That's the beauty of Powsumer and that's what really sparked my interest. To achieve this, I've assembled a great team in Akron, Ohio, a city rich in the history of innovation and industry with a terrific university willing to help build the site and grow the business."

The core team behind Powsumer also includes Andrew Maas and Peter Tahmin.

Maas serves as the company's vice president and co-founder, as well as working for the University of Akron Research Foundation (UARF), as a Project Manager and as the Assistant Vice President for University Innovation Ventures (UIV).

Tahmin, also a co-founder and vice president, is also working as the executive vice president of He will assist with its launch, branding and operations initiatives.  

This is the third major venture Bernsen has teamed up with Akron to complete after filming "25 Hill" and "3 Day Test" in and around the city. Both of those films are now available on DVD nationwide.


Here's how is explained on the Indiegogo fundraising site:

Today, if you want to go and buy a product, the retailer determines the price. We are determined to change this model. Imagine this, you decide there's a television that you want to buy. You've done your homework and checked all around and found the very best price available (say $500). You want it for a little cheaper (say $450). So you get together 10 people that want the same television. Family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, friends of friends and create what we call a purchasing "Pack." Now with the pack in tow, 10 strong, you march into the store, find the manager and tell him that you will buy 10 televisions right now for $450 each. More often than not, that manager will take that deal or find a way to make it work, because in the world of retail, that's a great day. Powsumer is that experience, only online.

Powsumer brings together consumers into purchasing groups, which we call "packs," through social and online networks in order to demand the lowest price for products. Powsumer then works hand in hand with suppliers to fulfill the price demands of the packs. Powsumer will provide suppliers with real time market and pricing trends so that a deal is made that benefits both sides.

Consumers want the best prices. Suppliers need to move inventory. Powsumer fulfills both of these needs. Simple as that.

Powsumer will take group oriented shopping to a new level. By allowing packs to pick a product or service and demand a better price, the power is truly back in the hands of the consumer.


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