Blog: Superman, Batman, and Tebow has a change of 'heart'?

10:12 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Tebow tweeted Thursday he has canceled his April 28 appearance at First Baptist Church due to "new information that has been brought to my attention."

Translation? New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has backed out of an appearance at a Baptist mega church in Dallas run by a pastor who has created controversy with his remarks about gays and other faiths.

Does that surprise anyone? I mean, seriously?

USAToday wrote that The Rev. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist's pastor, confirmed in a phone interview that Tebow called him Wednesday night to cancel.

Jeffress said Tebow told him he would like to speak at First Baptist at some point, but "he needed to avoid controversy right now for personal and professional reasons."

OK, let's think about this a minute. "Avoid controversy for personal and professional reasons"? If you had done one iota of research before accepting the invitation in the first place you wouldn't be backpedaling now.

Jeffress has preached that gay sex is sinful, Mormonism is a cult and Islam promotes violence and pedophilia

Tebow did say "I will continue to use the platform God has blessed me with to bring Faith, Hope and Love to all those needing a brighter day."

Tebow wasn't going to speak about anything controversial, Jeffress said. "We had planned for him to speak very positively about the difference Jesus Christ had made in his life," Jeffress said.

Tebow won two BCS championships and the Heisman Trophy at Florida, but he hasn't had much luck in the NFL at all.

He did better in Denver -- where he started much of the season in 2011 and won a playoff game -- than he has with the Jets.

Tebow is a devout Christian who has built a large following through his faith. Football? Not so much in the NFL.

Call me a cynic but I agree with Rich Cimini.

According to's Rich Cimini, the Jets will try to shop Tebow at the 2013 NFL combine in Indianapolis this week. See, the Jets can trade Tebow on March 12, and if nothing comes of that which is likely, I see Tebow joining the ranks of the released.

OK, so I just can't stop talking football in the midst of the NBA season and just before baseball season. It's just that Tebow is such an easy target.

Now, are you still wondering about the headline that mentioned Superman, Batman and Tebow together? Well, DC Entertainment says it will unveil a new ongoing series focusing on Superman and Batman, two of the publisher's best-known and revered heroes.

"Batman/Superman" is set to debut in June and will be written Greg Pak and illustrated by Jae Lee. It will focus on how the two iconic heroes first met in the publisher's relaunched universe, dubbed The New 52.

I never meant to put Tebow in the same class as Batman and Superman. Besides, "I'm Batman' is a phrase used exclusively by a very special friend of mine...who also cannot stand Tebow.

Have a great weekend.


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