Northeast Ohioans help victims of East Coast storm

6:44 PM, Feb 10, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Ohio workers know a thing or two about winter storms, and with the massive snow storm pounding the northeastern corner of the country, many volunteers and workers from Northeast Ohio have been sent in to help.

While the Buckeye State didn't take a direct hit from the storm hitting the East coast, local utility crews and the Red Cross are being called to action.

The storm has blanketed parts of the country in snow, and left hundreds of thousands in the dark for what officials warn could be days. Northeast Ohio's FirstEnergy has sent approximately 150 workers to parts of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania to assist those without power.

The local branch of the Red Cross is also assisting in the blizzard, but those individuals don't have to travel very far. Ohioans already on site aiding in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy are now helping those hit with snow.

The Red Cross usually sends crews out in three-week deployments, and the Northeast Ohio chapter has sent approximately 45 people to the area since Hurricane Sandy hit. Six of those are still there, now assisting with the blizzard.

The local chapter of the Salvation Army is also trying to assist the Northeast. They've been prepping a team to aid in Hurricane Sandy relief, but this storm has now postponed their departure date.  


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