2013 Super Bowl commericals released in advance

12:33 PM, Feb 3, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Milk: Morning Run

Video: Speedstick: Laundry

Video: Skechers: Untitled

Video: KIA: Hotbots

Video: Volkswagen: Get Happy

Video: SodaStream: Effect

Video: Anheuser Beck's: Sapphire

Video: Go Daddy: Perfect Match

Video: Anheuser Budweiser: Brotherhood

Video: AXE: Lifeguard

Video: Century: Wedding

Video: Taco Bell: VIVA Young

Video: Hyundai: Stuck

Video: Hyundai: Epic Playdate

Video: Audi: Prom Heartbeat

Video: Toyota: RAV4 Wish Granted

Video: Hyundai: Team Hit

Video: E Trade: Untitled

Still image of the Speed Stick commercial set to air during Super Bowl XLVII.

There are those who watch the Super Bowl to soak in every second, dissecting each play throughout the always-epic pigskin battle. 

Then there are those who watch just for the commercial breaks.

Photos: Super Bowl 2013 commercials

The multi-million dollar television ads are always among the moments that churn up watercooler chat after the big game.

Some spur controversy like the Snickers man-kissing spot from 2009, while others ignite a moment for the memories like the now-famous Coca-Cola commercial with Mean Joe Greene or the 1984 Apple ad for the first Macintosh computer.

Most, like Doritos ads, are aimed at hitting your funny bone with silly concepts to make their spot memorable.

The ads have even flared fame for folks like the Old Spice man and long-time TV star Betty White, who found herself skyrocketing back into the spotlight for her performance on the gridiron in this Snickers commercial back in 2010. Remember how it sparked a campaign to get her a hosting gig with "Saturday Night Live"?

Plus, who can forget the Budweiser bullfrogs and Clydesdales, Coke's polar bears or even the E*Trade baby? They are Super Bowl commercial stars.

Super Bowl facts you may not know

It's also the time in which major movie studios unleash extended trailers or first teases for some of summer's biggest upcoming releases, just like they did last year with the partially Cleveland-lensed "Avengers" flick.

Looking back: Photos of 2012's Super Bowl commercials

What will the commercials during Super Bowl XLVII deliver? Which ones will stand out and be remembered years to come?

Instead of waiting to feast your starving eyes on the slew of Super Bowl spots set to air in Sunday's big game, we've assembled a barrage of some of the spots to keep your eye out for.

Scroll down this page to watch some of the spots before they air during Super Bowl Sunday.

One of them, titled "VIVA Young" by Taco Bell, features an elderly batch of pals partying the night away to the tune of fun.'s "We are Young" as it's sung in Spanish. After an obvious crazy night out, they chow down at Taco Bell.

Among the other ads, car commercials are also heavy hitters during the Super Bowl. You can watch some of those in this story, too, including the one at the top of this page titled "Space Babies" by Kia.


After you take an advanced glance at some of the spots Super Bowl XLVII has to offer, leave your thoughts about your favorite one in our comments section below.

Is there one Super Bowl commercial from recent years that sticks in your mind as a favorite?


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