#Chud, #Chudzinski trending on Twitter as Browns hire new coach

1:38 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
Photo by Tim Dubravetz, WKYC-TV.
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#Chud is definitely a hot trending topic on Twitter.

Football fans have ignited the web world with a blaze of chatter about the new Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Buzz on Twitter:

Adam: Someone ask the real question- How does he feel having a nickname synonymous with this: #CHUD #browns #itsamovie

Ren: Regardless of coaching ability, experience, etc... I can say that #chud is a likable guy. You can tell he's pumped about the job. #browns

Fred: Ok #CHUD, I'm not sold, but I'm on board. I like that you've already addressed creating an identity for @OfficialBrowns. Let's go get it.

Kyle: The dude brings emotion and passion, seems excited to be here. Now it's about execution and leadership. Lets do this #Chud.

Pat: One thing I can say about #Chud it at least sounds like he wants to be here. #sotheresthat

JD: #Chud says he isn't much of a beer drinker, and actually PREFERS the taste of wine; like a woman!! Maybe we made a bad choice.

Justin: Well before everyone gets down about #Chud , we just gotta see how he performs. That simple.

Ed: Of all the candidates out there for head coach, the #Brown hire #Chud ! Are u kidding me? This has to be a joke, right?

Jeremy: We hired the 2nd coming of Pat Shurmur. Great. #Chud #Browns

Kurt: Absolutely no energy in #Browns presser - everyone deflated because they know #Chud will be fired in two years

Nicholas: Bleeds brown and orange, ate dog biscuits, put the tv in the window to watch games from the front yard in the snow... i can get behind #Chud

Gary: @wkyc Great Choice!!

Sharon: @wkyc UP CHUCK on the Chudster!!! LOL Cleveland doesn't seem to be a winning anything! SAD but we seem to have a bad vibe or something!!!

Reaction on the WKYC Facebook page:

Christina: Give the guy a chance he might surprise u

Wanda: Good luck Chud! GO BROWNS

Charlene: Can't do any worse. Just park in the visitor's lot for now.

Steve: another unproven coach. My gosh when is this town going to bring in a proven winner. Its the same crap all over again. I can't believe Haslem paid 1B for the browns and then brings in an unproven inexperienced head coach. I guess you just get stupid when you get a lot of money...

Rick: We've seen this movie before - and it sucks.

Damien: FAIL

Laurie: not too many happy campers here, Mr. Haslam.


What do you think of Chudzinski as the new head coach? Tell us using #Chud @wkyc on Twitter, dish your thoughts on our Facebook page or leave a comment in the section below.





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