ODOT going 'green'...with its truck lights

8:40 PM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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MORELAND HILLS -- We are out here in Moreland Hills but ODOT is keeping a real eye on the roads and using some new technology this year.

Channel 3's John Anderson has the story.

For storms like this, ODOT is going green, but this isn't to save the environment. This is to save lives.

The ODOT snow plows are being fitted with special green lights. They'll go with the three color system. Lights are white, amber and the new green.

ODOT studied this and says the flashing color of green is easier for the human eye to pick up.

Eighteen plows in the Cleveland area have the new lights.

All 80 plows in ODOT District 12 are getting them. Channel 3's cameras could pick them up from a distance Friday in the blowing snow.

ODOT felt like they had to do something because collisions between cars and snowplows are four times higher in Ohio than in neighboring states.

The trucks are also being fitted with new GPS equipment, which will really come in handy during storms with heavy snowfall, and when there's a new driver filling in for the regular driver.    


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