Ohio schools fail to file safety plans

11:49 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- In light of th Sandy Hook tragedy, Ohio's Attorney General is urging schools to submit their safety plans.

While many schools have submitted their plans, dozens in Northeast Ohio have not.

In an active-shooter crisis, seconds save lives.

These safety plans are put into a law enforcement data base and can be accessed by those first responding to such a scene.

Ohio public and charter schools are required to file a safety plan with the Attorney General's office.

Plans include building blueprints, areas where students gather, entrances and exits.

Before Friday, the AG's office reported 139 schools have not filed a plan, and 34 of those are in Northeast Ohio.

Since Friday, nine schools submitted their safety plans.

"It's even worse to know schools turn in plans that are collecting dust, sitting on a shelf and have not been tested nor excercised in the building," Security Specialist Ken Trump said.

The law that requires schools to submit safety plans went into affect after the Virginia Tech ambush in 2007.


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