Blog: Medina police will guard their schools Monday

10:48 PM, Dec 16, 2012   |    comments
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On Sunday night, the President spoke of the horror in Newtown. Come Monday, some schools will defend themselves.

President Obama, addressing the audience at an interfaith vigil in Newtown Sunday night, said "when danger came to the halls at Sandy Hook Elementary School..." and he praised the staff who "...stood their ground..." and honored all the staff and teachers who protected their students, their "kids" as some called them.

Not all of the staff made it out of the school alive, including the principal and the school psychologist who were gunned down by Adam Lanza as they tried to stop him from getting further into the school.

Schools across the nation and in Northeast Ohio are taking steps as children return to school Monday morning. Most have sent letters and emails to parents, reminding them of the school's security policies and how they plan to handle students' questions and concerns.

In Lakewood, Ohio, school officials told parents "On a day-to-day basis, our safety measures include secured entrances and video cameras at all school buildings."

"In addition, at Lakewood High School, students and visitors must pass through a staffed security entrance and there are also eight security personnel on duty during the school day. There is also a Lakewood Police Department presence at the high school through its School Resource Officer/D.A.R.E Officer."

The Chagrin Falls, Ohio, school district's Gurney Elementary School told parents that students are likely to talk among themselves on the bus, at lunch, at recess, etc. and that any questions brought directly to teachers will have them "...stick to the facts, reassure them of our safety plans, and redirect them to talk with their family."

Other schools are going farther, either out of an abundance of caution, to outwardly allay students' fears, and/or to be prepared in case of a possible "copycat."

Dozens and dozens of schools across the country will have police at their doors Monday morning, some as long as all this week.

Accordiing to the Medina, Ohio, Police Department, the department "...will have an officer stationed at each of the schools in the city for the next week. We will be assisted by officers from Montville Police and Medina Township Police."

"These assignments are a part of a precautionary strategy to reassure the students, parents and teachers of our commitment to their safety. There are no threats. As always, if you have concerns or information about a specific individual, please contact MPD at (330) 725-7777."

There is also a Facbook group that has been created called "Veterans to protect our schools," suggesting that veterans be hired to guard the schools, after going through security training.

We have also seen the Internet explode with those who want gun control, assault weapons banned again, better training in dealing with those who have mental health problems and much more.

There has been much discussion -- usually a very good thing -- but there has also been vitriol in some of the discussions, vitriol that is best left unspoken, especially now as the parents of 20 small children prepare to lay them to rest.

They say there is no greater pain than a parent having to bury their child. Let's let them do it in peace.


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