Consumer Minute: Airlines hike fares to Florida

5:52 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
Photo by Jeff Swensen, Getty Images.
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When it does get cold, you probably want to escape to Florida. It might be more expensive this time around. United Airlines raised one way air fares in all of it's Florida markets by $10 last week. And by Monday, Delta, American, U.S. Airways and Southwest did the same.

Boston Mills/Brandywine ski resort has their season opening days away and the forecast still looks too warm to fire up the snow machines. They need 28-degree temperatures to make snow. The snow guns are ready when Mother Nature is. They say last year was a little slow, but they still had plenty of skiers.

On your way home, would you pick up a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a mortgage? A Financial Services study found 1 in 3 American consumers would consider buying a mortgage from Walmart. And almost half would consider a mortgage from online payment provider Paypal. Neither Walmart nor Paypal offer mortgages, but the study was done by a consulting group and took online responses from over 600 consumers.


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