Relative: Mother accused of murder was 'abused'

7:04 AM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Marilyn Lyles is speaking out on behalf of the woman accused of murdering her 3-year-old child. She is the grandmother of Terry's biological siblings and at one point, they were all in her care after being removed from their mother. 

"Things happen in her life that people don't know about," said Lyles who describes Terry's upbringing as "rough." 

According to Lyles, physical and emotional abuse was the norm. 

"Camil was the one person who said this is enough," said Lyles. 

Terry spoke out, and in doing so freed herself and her siblings from their mother's abuse. When Terry moved in with Lyles, she was 14, and a mother for the first time. 

"The side of Camilia I saw was a mother that loved her baby," said Lyles. 

Not long after giving birth, there was trouble. Lyles says Terry was being treated for depression and tried to commit suicide with the pills she was prescribed to treat her. 

Terry was placed in foster care. 

Not long after, she was soon expecting again -- this time with Emilliano. Court records show she wanted to get an abortion, but her father, who she lived with briefly in Mississippi, disagreed. She then decided to go the adoption route.  

The adoption never happened and 3 short years later, Emilliano's body was found in a trash processing plant. 

"I hate to think that could happen, but to throw him out like he was trash," said Lyles, who never got to meet Emilliano. 

As recent as last week, Terry allegedly posted this message for help on an adoption website. The posting reads in part, that her 3-year-old "has problems that [she didn't] know how to deal with."

Lyles, like so many others, is trying to figure out why and how this could have happened.   

"He was 3, there was nothing he could've done that was so horrible that he should've been treated in that manner," Lyles said. 

Here is a list of services that handle abuse and crisis situations:

ChildHelp Hotline: (800) 422-4453

Child Welfare "Live Chat": Someone can chat with you live online. If nobody is available, you can leave a message and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Online Crisis Hotline: If you need to speak with someone about a crisis situation, someone is available 24 hours a day to help speak with you.

You can also find a local hotline for where you live online at the Ohio Suicides and Crisis Hotlines Directory.



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