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Northeast Ohio reaction to Hostess shut down

7:53 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Most of us grew up with at least one of their products in our daily lunches. Now, the iconic brand, Hostess, says it is shutting down.

The company filed for bankruptcy and is liquidating all of their assets.

What does this mean for Northeast Ohio workers?

Twinkie Lane in Ohio City is named because of the site of an old Twinkie factory.

Twinkies are the things that should have lasted through a nuclear holocaust. But now, Twinkies and other Hostess products didn't last through 2012.

And for those who work for Hostess, a pink slip was the last thing they expected Friday.

It was the news Hostess drivers were dreading. Union head Kevin Coile says when the bakers went on strike, drivers knew they'd have no product to deliver, and now, the 600 drivers in Northeast Ohio were the ones delivered bad news.

With no more factories baking and no more delivery trucks delivering, people rushed to get their favorites.

Hostess employees got an explanation of when their last paycheck will be and what will happen to their benefits.

The first line of the explanation says the company is liquidating because the strike by the Bakers Union forced them to cease operations. It also tells workers to stay home Saturday.


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