Hot Topics: Would you cuddle up to a robot?

7:36 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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Would you pay over $100,000 for a clone of the best dog you ever had? A Louisiana man did, forking over big bucks to get an exact replica of his blue tick hound that passed away at the age of 13. The puppy is named Gator and he was created by a man in South Korea who is one of only two in the world who can successfully clone a canine. Some clone for love, but in Gator's case, his vet says he'll be saving a specific genetic line. There are only a half dozen cloned dogs in the U.S.

Speaking of numbers, how many people can you fit in a Mini Cooper? Well, if they're very limber ladies, the answer is 28. The group set a Guiness world record Thursday in the shadow of London's Tower Bridge. It took 10 minutes for them to jam themselves into the car. They had to stay in the mini with the doors and windows shut for five long seconds for the new record to stand. The previous record was 27 people packed into a mini....obviously not as limber.

How would you like to cuddle up with a robot? They are in Japan where a range of robots are helping to care for and socialize with its elderly population. Japan has a larger number of elderly and fewer people to care for them so they've turned to robots to fill the gap. A robot that looks like a baby seal is especially popular. It can recognize a person's voice and act like a pet, cuddling with nursing home patients that wouldn't otherwise have an affectionate relationship. Other robots are designed to sing and engage the elderly to exercise.


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