Consumer Minute: Amazon has cheapest toy prices

8:37 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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Before you run out after Thanksgiving looking for the best deal, Bloomberg Industries found is cheapest when it comes to toys. The study compared 125 randomly selected toys and found, in most cases, Amazon had lower prices than Wal-mart, Target and other major chains. Wal-mart had better prices on only 13 percent of the toys.

The price of a turkey is going up, so this Thanksgiving, make sure you don't waste it. According to the USDA, 35 percent of our turkey meat doesn't get eaten. It gets thrown out. Other studies show Americans will toss an estimated $282 million worth of turkey.

Could the Plain Dealer be cutting circulation down to 3 days a week? If it does, it could mean big changes for local businesses and their advertising. Bill Stern, president of Stern Advertising, says local companies, banks and car dealers still invest a lot into newspaper advertising. Most of the ads alert consumers of major sales or store openings. Even though it's speculation, Stern says he wouldn't be shocked if we don't have a daily newspaper.


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