Education: Common questions voters have on schools

6:40 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Every election, voters ask why there are school levies on the ballot when the Ohio Lottery and casinos help fund the schools?

There are about 200 school tax issues on the ballot Tuesday.

Every election, voters want to know why, with lottery money and casinos, levies are necessary?

According to the Ohio Department of Education, only about 14 percent of state aid that goes to schools is from lottery proceeds.

As far as casinos, the profits continue to fluctuate, but the Ohio School Board Association estimates that casino money will only add up to about $22 to $50 per student in Ohio.

Considering the average per pupil spending is about $11,000, that is a small amount.

In August, only about 30 percent of levies passed in Ohio, so many districts hope that November will have a better passage rate.


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