Tommy Fello: Vegan Black Mean Chili 11/5/12

2:05 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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Vegan Black Bean Chili

  Tommy's Restaurant

 Ingredients  List:

2 Tbsp olive oil

4-6 cloves garlic minced

1 white onion chopped

2 green peppers diced

1 bay leaf

1 16oz jar salsa (mild or hot)

1½ Tbsp mild chili powder

1 piece kombu (seaweed)

1 16oz can pear tomatoes

2 cups dried black turtle beans

(soak beans overnight/wash and drain)


Put black turtle beans in large soup pot

Cover beans with water (2 inches above beans)

Add kombu and bay leaf

Bring to rapid boil for 10 minutes

Lower temperature and simmer beans for one hour

In sautee pan add...olive oil, garlic, onions, peppers

Sautee for 10 minutes/until onions are transparent

Add chili powder, crushed tomatoes and salsa

Simmer for 5 minutes

Test beans to make sure they are tender (can squish them between fingers)

Drain beans and save 2 cups of broth from the bean pot

Remove bay leaf and discard

Remove kombu, finely chop and add back to beans

Add sautee pan ingredients to black bean pot

Pour in bean broth (use as much as you want depending on what consistency you like)

Simmer 10-15 minutes

Garnish with green onions

Serve with toasted pita chips




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