Dead voices in 'haunted' Avon home

11:47 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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AVON -- The last place you'd expect to find a haunted house is in a beautiful housing development in Avon full of newer homes and perfectly manicured lawns.

But Annie Carrissimi, of Ohio Ghost Hunters EVP Investigations, says there are at least 10 spirits living in her house and she talks to them all the time.

She's also a dedicated Paranormal Investigator with more than 25 years of experience. To hear some of her investigation evidence, click HERE.

"They do speak in sentences. They make complete sense. They talk to you and you talk to them," Annie says.

She calls it EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenom, a recorded conversation with the dead and she has plenty of intriguing ghost stories and pictures she's taken over the years.

I met her with an open mind and she agreed to conduct an experiment with me in her kitchen so I could interview a ghost.

"They trust me and they know me," she says.

Unlike the white noise static used by other paranormal investigators, Annie uses a book or a taped conversation played backward during her spirit interviews.  She records that and the interview on a digital recorder.

She only uses the backward sound once and then uses an audio editing software to break it all down.

"I have found that, if I use this method, I can speak directly to them and they can speak directly to me and we can have a two-way conversation. It's like giving them a tool to work with since they don't have any vocal cords so they can manipulate sound."

When we began, right away Annie says she could understand what they were saying but nothing translated to me.

However, WKYC videographer Carl Bachtel says he heard his former sister-in-law, Sheila, who passed away last year. When we asked her some questions, it did sound like she was speaking back to us. Or as a skeptic will tell you, we heard what we wanted to hear.

Annie says there are family spirits all around us so I tried to talk to my Dad. When I asked him what he thought of this story, I nearly jumped out of my chair because it sounded like he was yelling at me and said, "So now I'm a ghost."  I also think I heard my name.

Skeptics will tell you there are plenty of explanations for EVPs.

Perhaps the millions of electronic devices that share our airwaves or our complex brains that have the ability to find pattern in random stimuli and our emotional need to connect with the dead.

For believers, there's only one true way to find out if it's real and no one's in a hurry to get there. When I do, I'll ask my Dad if he remembers this conversation.














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