Consumer Minute: Less fattening chocolate? Melon recall

7:00 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Less fattening chocolate and how to pay without your wallet are some of the stories in our consumer minute.

Burch Farms is recalling every cantaloupe and honeydew melon it grew last year because of possible listeria contamination. The fruit was sold in 18 states, including Ohio. The melons are marked with a sticker that says Burch Farms or Cottle Strawberry. You can also call your local grocer and ask where the melons came from.

Never carry cash? How about never carrying a wallet. Big name retailers, including Walmart, Target and Best Buy, have teamed up to give customers a way to pay with their smart-phones. They've created a company called "merchant customer exchange" -- which is developing a mobile app. The app would have Google's wallet payment app and other "pay from your phone" apps.

Are you a chocolate lover looking to slim down? You may be in luck. British researchers say they've discovered a chocolate formula with half the fat and it still tastes good! It's being done by replacing some of the milk in the recipe with juice. Supposedly the chocolate is just as tasty and even a bit fruity. Scientists say in the future they could use water with a small amount of vitamin C to dampen the fruit juice flavor.


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