Investigator: Cops are tops in buying forced sex

7:29 PM, Aug 9, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Sex slaves interviewed for a state Attorney General's Office report say that law enforcement officers buy more sex than any other group of people, followed by businessmen and drug dealers.

In a sampling of 68 women who say they are sex slaves, almost half reported having sex with law enforcement officers for money, according to the report, "Domestic Sex Trafficking in Ohio," issued Wednesday by Attorney General Mike DeWine.  

The women also reported being paid to have sex with politicians, professional athletes, construction workers and even judges.

The women were interviewed because they were either physically forced to become sex slaves or were tricked into becoming one.

"What we have to realize is a 'John' could be anyone," said Renee Jones, who conducted interviews with victims in Cleveland for the survey. "It could be law enforcement. It could be a business professional. It doesn't matter who the 'John' is. We must work on the demand side."  

Jones said the women she interviewed came from Cleveland, as well as numerous suburbs.

The report calls on police to do a better job of identifying victims of sex trafficking and of prosecuting "Johns" to the fullest extent of the law. 

The attorney general says the fact that law enforcement officers were identified as top buyers in the forced sex trade has no bearing on whether cops are up to the task of eradicating sex trafficking.

"You have a relatively small number of police officers in the state who are engaged in this and the vast majority of officers are not," DeWine said.

The attorney general also says it is possible that the men who paid for sex could have been impersonating a police officer.  


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