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Cuyahoga County: Commissioners Jones, Hagan discuss 'PO9,' 'PO10' roles

12:40 PM, Sep 16, 2010   |    comments
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Both had plenty to say about being mentioned in Dimora's indictment as "Public Official 9" (Jones) and "Public Official 10" (Hagan).

Prosecutors paint a picture that suggests Jones traded votes to hire two plumbers and promote a plumber's union official's wife, in exchange for a fundraiser.

Jones angrily denies any wrongdoing and says he was "stunned" to be referenced in the charges against Dimora.

He claims probe figure J. Kevin Kelley offered to organize the fundraiser and made no mention of any kind of quid pro quo.

Jones claims he voted "yes" because he was presented with facts supporting the decision.

He claims Dimora never said anything to him about the votes.  

"I will take the steps necessary to make sure my name remains a good, solid and trustworthy name," Jones said.

The firm does not implicate Hagan in any wrongdoing. But it quotes probe figures, saying they can manipulate Jones and Hagan into favorable votes they want.

"Good peoples' character is being questioned for doing nothing more than answering a phone. It's not fair...Kick the living hell out of those in public life who violate the public trust, but be fair to others who are named and just doing their job," he said.

Jones and Hagan say they have never been interviewed by the FBI. And both say they have not hired lawyers, don't intend to, and have no need to.


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