Black History Month: Artist Woodrow Nash

9:41 AM, Feb 12, 2010   |    comments
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Woodrow Nash started in Akron by painting murals and doing illustrations, but he had bigger ambitions. 

"The one thing I never wanted to be considered is a local artist," says Nash.

His work in commercial art took him to New York City and Wisconsin. But, he eventually found his way back to his hometown where he could pursue his passion.

Nash creates his work here in Akron but his inspiration comes from much farther away.

He calls his work "tribal." It's a blending of his African heritage and schooling in European art. He coined the phrase "African Nouveau" to describe his work.

"This is an attempt to bring about a sense of nobility and regal-ness in the images I create," says Nash of his work.

Nash believes there's more to the images than just clay. He says the spirits of African kings, queens and warriors live inside every piece.

"I think it's important that we have images that we can look at and, if nothing else, wonder and appreciate."

Now, even though his work is showcased as far away as Germany, Nash still believes he has a long way to go, as do fellow African-American artists.

"We're trying to break into the mainstream and I feel I'm at the door, not quite have made it yet, but there has been some acceptance."


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