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Are home 'dry cleaning' products effective?

9:26 AM, Nov 5, 2011

Before you take those winter sweaters, coats and holiday fabrics to the dry cleaner, you might want to try cleaning them at home

Miley Cyrus, LeBron James take in Cedar Point

SANDUSKY -- No, LeBron James and Miley Cyrus weren't at Cedar Point together but both paid a visit to the amusement park in the last three days and we have the photos to show you.

2:28 PM, Aug 10, 2010

Son of Cavs' owner raises awareness of genetic disease

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on the nerves

12:41 AM, May 19, 2011

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert jumps 132 spots on Forbes 400 Richest Americans list

Cleveland Cavaliers and Horseshoe Casino owner Dan Gilbert jumped more than 100 spots on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list.

4:18 AM, Sep 17, 2013

Cedar Point fans debate new Fast Lane passes

Some Cedar Point fans are calling for a boycott of the park over its new Fast Lane pass

6:49 PM, May 14, 2012

Local woman's life haunted by stalker

LAKEWOOD -- A Lakewood housewife is turning tragedy into victory on Capitol Hill.

10:03 AM, Aug 5, 2003

Smoking Ban: Where can you smoke outside?

CLEVELAND -- Ohio’s smoking ban will be enforced starting tomorrow. That means smoking will be prohibited in public buildings, including bars and restaurants. But what about outside?

12:58 AM, May 3, 2007

Watch: Cedar Point's Space Spiral crashes down

After a quick explosive blast at its base, it only took 17 seconds for the Space Spiral to come crashing down at Cedar Point.

8:14 PM, Sep 13, 2012

Billionaire unveils new 'Titanic II' cruise ship design

An Australian billionaire says he wants to build a new version of the Titanic that could set sail in 2016.

9:12 AM, Feb 27, 2013

List of prescription drugs that can cause nightmares

Nightmares aren't a common side effect of prescriptions, but they can occur in dozens of drugs

10:42 PM, May 14, 2012
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