Try It: Inspector Hector Dirt Detector

7:35 AM, Jan 17, 2010   |    comments
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A new soap called "Inspector Hector Dirt Detector" promises to help kids scrub longer. Does it work? We put it in the hands of some kids, to try it before you buy it.

Friends William and Cole have gotten the message at home and at school. Washing their hands well can help them from getting sick.

"Well, there's the swine flu going around. And even if someone got their shot, if they didn't wash their hands a lot they could still get sick," William said.

But, left unobserved, many children are still in a rush, and don't do a thorough job of scrubbing their hands. We secretly timed both William and Cole as they washed with regular soap and water.

William declared himself done in about 5 seconds. Cole took slightly longer and washed for 9 seconds. Both boys declared their hands clean.

Then we gave them Inspector Hector Dirt Detector hand soap.  Packaging says the soap doesn't really detect dirt. But suds will change color after your child has scrubbed long enough.

We let the boys give it a try and, once again, timed them without their knowledge. Both boys noticed the suds on their hands turning from a light purple to a frothy pink.

They liked how the soap changed colors.

"To wash your hands with this, is fun for kids", Cole declared. But did they do a better job washing?

According to our stopwatch, William washed for 30 seconds, and Cole a bit longer for 34 seconds.

Not surprisingly both Cole and William said Inspector Hector beat regular soap "hands down."

"Kids would like it, and it smells good. And they would like the color of it," William said. Cole agreed. "It's really soft and it really does a good job. It was a really good thing they made it."

And that earned Inspector Hector Soap Detector high marks from the boys.

"We give Inspector Hector Dirt Detector 5 stars" Cole and William said in unison.

We found Inspector Hector Dirt Detector color-changing soap at Target, for just under $3.

And for more on how to keep kids healthy during the height of flu season, join our discussion on        


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