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2:32 PM, Oct 25, 2013

America's Most Haunted
Steve Schimoler


2:31 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Loretta Paganini


2:31 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Picabo Street
Homemade With Hollie


2:30 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Ways 2 Save
Fabulous Food Show


2:30 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Comedian Greg Morton

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Alan Kopit: Social Media Liability 10/29/13

2:15 PM, Oct 29, 2013

An Akron teacher was placed on leave after he posted a racist remark on Facebook. Attorney Alan Kopit joins the show to discuss how what you post on Social Media can actually get you into trouble.

Marcus Walter: Weather You Knew it or Not 10/28/13

4:59 PM, Oct 28, 2013

Meteorologist Marcus Walter has an interesting weather fact.  

Lance Somerfeld: Fatherhood 10/28/13

4:04 PM, Oct 28, 2013

Lance Somerfeld, stay at home dad and a part of the NYC Dads Group has some advice to father's everywhere.

Marty Gelfand and Sherry Ball: Jewish Celebration of Shabbat 10/28/13

4:02 PM, Oct 28, 2013

Member of Beth El The Heights Synagogue Marty Gelfand and Presidnet, Sherry Ball explain the meaning of the Jewish holiday Shabbat.

Steve Schimoler: Pear Crousade 10/28/13

4:00 PM, Oct 28, 2013

Owner and Chef of Crop Bistro and Bar, Steve Schimoler make a delicious Pear Crousade.

Eric Olsen and Theresa Argie: "America's Most Haunted" 10/28/13

3:45 PM, Oct 28, 2013

Authors of the book "America's Most Haunted" Eric Olsen and Theresa Argie tell us that one of the most haunted place in America could be right here in Northeast Ohio at the Willoughby Coal and Supply.

Marcus Walter: Weather you knew it or not 10/25/13

1:52 PM, Oct 25, 2013

In today's Weather you knew it or not segment, Marcus Walter talks about tall buildings getting struck by lightning.

John Strieter: Damage caused by Clogged Gutters 10/25/13

1:46 PM, Oct 25, 2013

John Strieter, Sales Consultant for LeafGuard, brings awareness to the damage that clogged gutters can inflict.

Candace Corey: Anti-Aging Tricks 10/25/13

1:42 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Beauty Expert Candace Corey has some tricks for turning back the clock with her Anti-aging tips.

Josh Wolf: He's at Hilarities this weekend 10/25/13

1:37 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Doing stand up since the age of 15 and known for his appearances on Chelsea Lately, Josh Wolf joins us in the studio.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Featuring Cleveland) 10/25/13

1:28 PM, Oct 25, 2013

Captain America: The Winter Soldier released a trailer for the film and Cleveland has a pretty big role. Ryan Haidet talks us through the trailer.

Jerry Sloan: Hormone Replacement Therapy 10/24/13

1:57 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Hormone levels change as we age and this can affect your body in different ways. Jerry Sloan, owner and patient of the Affinity Whole Health clinic, is here to talk about hormone replacement therapy and if it's right for you.

Arlene Goldberg and Kathy Killen: Hot Travel Deal 10/24/13

1:53 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Go Down Under! Arlene Goldberg of Action Travel and Kathy Killen of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line are here to tell us about a Hot Travel Deal for Australia and New Zealand.

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri: Kitchen Cousins 10/24/13

1:48 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Everyone wants to have their home look amazing for the holidays. Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri, two cousins from the HGTV show, "Kitchen Cousins," are here to give us some tips!

Jill Lis and John Sabo: Sewage Treatment Systems 10/24/13

1:48 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Sanitarians Jill Lis and John Sabo of the Lorain County General Health District are here today to enlighten us about the different household sewage treatment systems we utilize every day.

Matt Reeder: Weather Armor 10/23/13

2:18 PM, Oct 23, 2013

The weather has taken a turn on us this week, when it's cold and miserable the last thing we want to do is clean out our gutters. Desiray found the solution to keep your gutters clean and you warm inside.


Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls 10/23/13

10:15 AM, Oct 23, 2013


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