Family finally has peace knowing where Christina is

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CLEVELAND --  Tonia Adkins remembers her sister as a kind, caring compassionate girl who would bend over backward to help anyone.  Especially her.

"She was a mother hen to me. She always looked out for me, you could always find us together," Tonia says.
Tonia was just twelve years old when her sister Christina, known as Christy, then 18, disappeared.

"I knew my sister didn't just leave me, in my heart I knew something happened," she says.

Christy's picture hangs prominently in the living room of the home she used to live in. It's where her stepmother Mary, who raised Christy since the age of three, and Tonia still live.

Christy's father passed away a few years ago, never knowing what happened to his daughter.

Tonia and Mary have never stopped looking for her. They hung thousands of fliers with Christy's picture from here to Florida.

Any time they heard of a sighting, they jumped in the car and drove to West Virginia and Kentucky to check it out.

Now they have a stack of fliers left over they plan to burn.

"We don't have to search for her any longer," Tonia says.

Christy was five months pregnant and living with her boyfriend just one street over on Kinkel in January of 1995.

The night she disappeared, she walked down the alley to visit a friend and then planned on going back to her boyfriend's house, literally about 200 steps from her own front door.

But she never made it.

Police believe she was intercepted by Elias Acevedo Sr. He lived just a few blocks away on Vega Avenue and is now charged with two counts of murder and several counts of kidnapping and rape. 

Tonia was helping Christy plan a baby shower and she didn't want her sister to leave that night. Neither she nor Mary will never forget their last conversations.

"She looked at me and said,'I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow, I love you,' and I will never forget those words," Tonia says.

"My last conversation with Christy was she was wanting to know if she could come home and I said yes, have the baby and go back to school, I'll take care of the baby while you're in school and then you come home and be the mom, and she said OK," Mary remembers.

As each year passed, it became difficult to keep hope alive so they relied elsewhere.


"That's what will get us through anything is our faith," Mary says. 

On May 6, when Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were discovered a few streets over on Seymour Avenue, their hope overflowed, only to be disappointed to learn Christy wasn't among them.

They had no idea Christy's remains lay less than a mile away under the I-90 eastbound ramp until the FBI and Police uncovered them two weeks ago.

Now Mary mourns for her stepdaughter and the grandchild she never knew.

"He didn't just take Christy's life, he took a baby's life that never had a chance," Mary says.

But the waiting and wondering are over.

"The closure that it brings, it brings us peace. We can finally give her a proper farewell and say goodbye," Tonia says.


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