Government shutdown affects public opinion

7:23 AM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images
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CLEVELAND -- Congress set aside their differences and got a deal done late Wednesday night.

The agreement, which ends the 16 day shut down and raises the debt ceiling, passed 81 to 18 in the senate then 285 to 144 in the house. 

The plan does include back pay for furloughed federal workers and national debts will get paid, at least for the next three months. 

Unfortunately, the debt ceiling and budget will need to be addressed again early in 2014, but the partisan fight is almost certain to continue leading up to that.

This 11th-hour compromise may be a little late for approval ratings for members of congress.

The voting public is tired of the polarization going on in Washington and is ready for a change, a change of other representatives that is.  

A new Pew research poll states 74 percent want a drastically changed congress in 2014, with most of the current members getting defeated in their elections.

However, when asked about their own representative, they back-tracked.

Forty eight percent said they want their representative re-elected and 38 percent said they favored the replacement of their own elected official.     

Whether or not these numbers force a change in attitude on Capitol Hill remains to be seen.


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