Stow: Police search for suspects in attempted abduction

7:52 PM, Aug 31, 2013   |    comments
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STOW -- A child at the Silver Springs campsite returned to his parents to tell them he was almost abducted.

Police say the 6-year-old boy was approached by a white man who said he was going to take the boy to his truck and take him home.

The man picked the boy up and the child then bit him and broke free. 

The boy followed an older cousin to a Summer Sunset Blast movie. The boy was not supposed to leave the campsite and went back to find his parents. 

The boy found his parents but was unable to tell the officers where the attempted abduction happened.

Police are looking for two suspects. One is described as a 50-year-old white man, 5'10" to 6" tall, thin build, clean shaven and wears glasses. 

The other man is described as a white man, 5'7" tall, brown hair wearing a t-shirt.

Police have increased security.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Detective Jeff Swanson with the Stow Police Department at 330.680.5734.


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