Lockdown at Copley schools over

5:19 PM, May 29, 2008   |    comments
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Channel 3's Eric Mansfield reports from the school that authorities say the eighth-grader had just broken up with a girlfriend and had been bragging to other students that he had a bomb.

When confronted, he tossed a package into a hallway trash can at the middle school. A teacher saw what had happened and carried the can outside the building just to be safe. Police spent 90 minutes searching for the boy before finding him near his home.

Police say the package contained some live ammunition and a battery but was not an explosive.

"It was a harmless," said Copley Police Chief Michael Mier. "It looks like it was designed to look like a bomb. There were some bullets found with the device that really weren't part of the device."

A number of parents showed up at the schools after receiving reverse 9-1-1 text messages, but no one was ever in danger, police said.

School was being dismissed as scheduled. Police say the boy is likely to be charged tonight.


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