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2:32 PM, Jul 12, 2007   |    comments
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  • Couples nowadays can share their entire wedding plan with friends and family, and oh yeah, the world. Couples have turned to Wedding Web sites or “Wed sites” as a means of communicating all things nuptial to guests and relatives. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Wedding Web sites were originally conceived as a convenient way for couples to notify guests of wedding events, provide directions and link to gift registries.” A simple announcement online with minimal amounts of information is considered passé. Now, Wed sites are much more personal, telling first date stories, details of the engagement moment, along with pictures and videos. Local brides-to-be Shirra Reynolds and Diana Dreskin are just two of many Midlands brides following the trend. Reynolds created a Wed site simply because it was free and doesn’t see why anyone wouldn’t have one. However, Dreskin wanted to choose her own domain name and opted for a paying service. Dreskin’s Wed site lasts for a year and a half and costs $60 for the package. Both brides-to-be feel their Wed site is important for friends and family who don’t really know one member of the couple. “It gives friends and family that live far away on both sides of the guest list a little background before they show up for the wedding,” said Reynolds. Reynolds’ Wed site, “serves as a way for friends and close family to read about her and her fiancé’s history as a couple, wedding and ceremony details as well as a means for younger or more tech-savvy friends and family to communicate about the wedding.” Each bride-to-be is going about making their Wed site known in different ways. Reynolds’s has provided her friends on with a link to her Wed site. Dreskin emailed friends with the Wed site address to get the word out and her traditional “Save the Date” card will include the Wed site address. Some brides-to-be will even go so far as to blog each day as plans for the big day come together, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Dreskin plans to add a Blog to her Wed site, with weekly updates of general wedding planning steps. “I would like to say things like, ‘today we ordered our invitations or I got my dress. You should check this place out’ and provide a link.” Couples are also eager to show marriage proposal videos. Currently slightly more than 1,800 such videos are posted on YouTube Click Here! Reynolds' proposal was not captured on video, but had it been she says she would have no problem posting it online. “It took place in a bathroom, so it was really funny, I didn’t cry, most people laugh when they hear the story.” A few couples are even streaming their ceremony. Dreskin hasn’t thought about streaming her wedding live on her Wed site, but doesn’t see why she wouldn’t. Rachel Leitao, Your Big Day

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